Doing stuff after work.

Work in progress

I’m not dead I swear.

Study of funny guy ♥

Found some nice references. > u >

"Explain this bullshit"


Warm up doodle of gender bender Yufei and Totz… cause why not.

Warming up after few days of hiatus . u .

Red guy with that one annoying girl.

I hope that you don’t pity him. He’s a bastard >.>

Commission from Escaron at DA

So. Much. Fun. . U .

Asker fatoke Asks:
ey do you have a price list? i was looking to get something done
pozaczasowo pozaczasowo Said:

http://sylwiapakulska.deviantart.com/journal/PayPal-Commissions-info-OPEN-449783072 Here’s raw price list. Unfortunately without examples right now but soon I’ll update it ^^

And another 3… Kill me, I love to draw backs > /// >

Some sketches I did recently ♥ Few commissions and my tomato boy XD

Some sketch commissions.
Meh needz some muniez for new chair. I’m sitting on low shit right now > u >

He’s so fun to draw~~ ♥